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The Cuyabeno Reverse is a protected zone since 26 July 1979 with an area of 603.380 square kilometres (2,329.7 sq mi) One of the principle objectives of the Cuyabeno Reserve is ongoing conservation of the Amazonian ecosystem- the most complex ecosystem in the world.
This reserve is a complex of rivers, lagoons, and floating forest. This protected area is characterized by its high biodiversity and interrelationships between the species inhabiting the area. The Reserve’s geomorphology is a consequence of the rivers carrying sediment and materials from the Andes, principally by the Aguarico River.The huge volume of water cascading down from the mountains maintains the naturally high water levels ensuring that the river is navigable all year round. In the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve there are more than 10 monkey species, 500 bird spices, and an incredible record of 307 species of tree per hectare. 

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My name is Francisco, and I am a native of Quito, Ecuador. For more than 20 years, I have been assisting visitors and new residents to Ecuador in their needs for both visiting and settling in our beautiful country. My expertise is extremely wide-ranging, including my extensive knowledge of the history, culture, and heritage of my country, but also my ability to guide you in real estate and investment matters. My services range from simple escorted tours of the country to working with you in locating both residential and commercial properties for rent or purchase. I have been of assistance to members of the gay community in showing them places they want to go. Exposing my clients to the gay community and businesses of Ecuador and giving them an understanding of the total gay experience of my country.

I am completely at your disposal for whatever needs you may have from tourism to business and real estate investment. It does not matter if it is a weekend holiday or a month or more in Ecuador, I have the facility and expertise to be of total service for your needs.
Mobile: (593) 986588404
Skype: paiscanela



Our personalized service offers a full tour of the Middle of the World, one of the Ecuador’s natural treasures. This tour provides a historical appreciation of Ecuadorians’ relationship with the mysteries of nature like the magnetic energy and physical impact of standing between the Northern and Southern hemispheres on the Equatorial Line. This is one of the few populated places in the world where the imaginary line passes. The majority of the Equator passes through oceans and uninhabited jungle. The Middle of the World was discovered by the indigenous people who studied the sun, planets and stars long before the arrival of the Spaniards and the French Geodesic mission.

Along the way, you will also learn about the northern part of Quito and the Valley of San Antonio de Pichincha as you enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the Andes.

The tour begins at the Pululahua Geobontanical Reserve where you can explore the crater of the volcano "Pululahua". A community of ingenious people live in harmony with the fertile land in the interior of the volcano. 

Art and aroma therapy enthusiasts have the option of visiting the "Temple of the Sun".

Our final stop will be the "Middle of the World City" for a full tour of its museums and pavilions.

Lunch recommendations will be provided for those interested in traditional Ecuadorian food. 

1 Person - $ 40
2 people - $60
Extra person $10

* We recommend a private taxi for this tour.
One-way taxi with bus ride back - $ 25
Roundtrip Taxi - $ 50

Rate does not include:

Entrance fee to Intinan - $ 4 per person.
Entrance to the Middle of the World City - $  3.5  per person
Temple of The Sun  $ 3 per person
Lunch or snacksn  


We are a family hotel with thirty-five years experience of hotels,
 based on a philosophy of service and cleanliness,
where the guest is our guest of honor.

If you travel to Quito for business or pleasure,
please choose us as your alternative for accommodation.
You will always be welcome,
enjoy a safe environment with the comfort of a four-star hotel.

We believe in Ecuador as a tourist destination for its variety of landscapes,
ethnic groups, climate, history and people

We have 18 rooms comfortably equipped for your comfort:
cable TV, direct dial telephone, private bath room with hot shower.

Additionally the hotel has the cafeteria services, laundry, free internet cafe,
safety box, storage for luggage, parking, wireless internet service Wi-Fi

We are located in the best area north of the city, close to everything,
is concentrated around the hotel the tourist, financial, commercial and banking.

The Hotel is located in a quiet and safe street, surrounded by the main avenues.

We are 20 minutes drive from airport
20 minutes from the Old Town.
A 15 minute walk from the Avenida Amazonas.
A 15 minute walk from the Caronina Park.
A 10 minutes walk  from the Mariscal, where most of the gay places are.

Our Fares:
$ 49 per single room.
$ 64 per double room. 
Taxes and american breakfast are included.

Reservation to:
Phone: (593) 986-588-404 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting


If you’re interested in gay culture and activities in Ecuador, you’ve come to the right place! We are active members of the local gay community, and can offer you the following experiences:

·         We can take you to the gay bars and nightclubs in Quito, Guayaquil , Cuenca  and advise you on a range of issues from the styles of music and the kind of atmosphere they offer to personal security when you’re out and about at night.

·         Do you like theater? There is a drag queen theater group in Quito with different kinds of shows from the purely musical to the more theatrical. Let us take you to one of their shows. You will love it!

·         At different times of the year, it is possible to attend and participate in gay events like the gay film festival, literary workshops focused on gay literature, Gay pride parade, etc. We actively participate in these events and would love to get you involved, if you wish! We can even introduce you to gay authors, directors, etc.

·         Restaurants are another part of the gay culture in Quito. We can take you to an upscale, reasonably-priced, gay-friendly restaurant which offers gourmet Belgian-Ecuadorian fusion cuisine. If you prefer lighter fare, there’s also a nice gay (not just gay-friendly) restaurant that offers drinks and light snacks.

·         When you’re looking for relaxation or a great massage, we can take you to the local saunas and also advise you on safety and security.

·         On the more spiritual side, we can take you to a gay-friendly church which offers Sunday services in English, German, and Spanish.

·         At the same church, we lead weekly LGBT spiritual discussion groups. Come join us, and meet friendly LGBT folks from all walks of life. The discussions are in Spanish, but if you don’t speak the language and just want to be present and to make new friends, no problem: At the end of every group meeting, we hold a warm and friendly coffee hour where a lot of the members like to practice their English with visitors from abroad.

·         If you’re dealing with an addiction to sex, drugs, alcohol, or love, we also offer 12-step programs within the same gay-friendly environment. Some groups are in English, some in Spanish—ask us for details.


Quito, escorted by high volcanoes and formed by streets, broken and rocks where the houses become engraved like ooking for a solid shelter, are a city where people try to conserve her colorful traditions.
Quito is located on a horizontal strip of land running north to south between beautiful mountains. The splendor of the city's natural setting, combined with its attractive squares, parks and monuments as well as the warmth of its people, makes it a unique and unforgettable place.
Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Latin America. Located in the Andean mountains at the foot of Mount Pichincha 9200 feet above sea level. Quito has a spring-like climate all year. Beautifully preserved colonial churches , convents, palaces, and other buildings of note contrast with the contemporary architecture , a cosmopolitan city of great cultural diversity.

Quito has been designated the “Heritage of Mankind” by the United Nations. Stationed at nearly 10,000 feet, Quito is almost twice as high as Denver, Colorado. Though because it sits only 25 kilometres from the Equator, Quito does not suffer through long winters like the Mile High City . On the contrary, Ecuador's capital enjoys mild days and cool nights almost year-round. The climate in the Andes varies according to the altitude and the time of the year.
The temperature ranges from 7 degrees C (55 F) at night to 26 C (78 F) at noon, and averages 15 C (64 F). There are two seasons, wet and dry. The wet season is called winter and the dry is considered summer. Quito's summer lasts about 4 months, from the end of June to September.
Quito sees its fair share of rain from October through May, though even during this period the climate supports a multitude of diversions.
There are enough sunny days during the rainy season to accommodate all but the most insatiable sun worshipers, and when the sun hides, Quito has plenty to offer indoors

Main places of the old town.
Guapulo - El Panecillo - La Basílica - Old Town  - La Compañia - San Francisco - La Ronda. 

1 person - $ 40
2 persons - $ 60
Per each additional Person + $ 10
Private Transportation: $ 30 
1 Person $ 80
2 Persons $ 100
Per each additional person + $ 20



En nuestro servicio personalizado le ofrecemos un tour completo
a la Mitad del Mundo para que usted tenga un mayor conocimiento
de lo se experimenta al vivir en Ecuador,

Empezamos llevándole a la Reserva Geobotánica"Pululahua" donde podrá conocer
el cráter del volcán "Pululahua" en la cual podremos ver personas viviendo en el interior del

Opcionalmente si usted le gusta el arte y la aroma terapia le podemos llevar al "Templo del Sol" .

Luego usted podrá conocer todos los efectos físicos, magnéticos  que
experimentamos los que vivimos en el Ecuador, incluyendo la observación del sol y de las estrellas comprobando que  nuestros ancestros donde sabían que estábamos en la "mitad del mundo" mucho antes de la llegada de los Españoles y de la Misión Geodésica Francesa.

Al final tendremos un tour completo por la "Ciudad Mitad del Mundo" incluyendo sus
Museos y pabellones.

Si desea almorzar, igualmente le ofrecemos una tradicional comida ecuatoriana en restaurantes a su elección o nuestra recomendación.

Durante el camino también le iremos explicando sobre la parte norte de Quito y el Valle de San Antonio de Pichincha.

Tour de 10:00 a 17:00 aproximadamente.
1 persona - $ 40
2 personas - $ 60
Persona adicional + $ 10

* Le recomendamos para este tour el uso de un taxi privado.
Ida en taxi y retorno en Bus - $ 25
Ida y vuelta en Taxi - $ 50

No incluye:

Costo de Entrada a Intiñan - $ 4 por persona.
Entrada a la ciudad Mitad del Mundo - $  3.5 por persona